Dynamically Create Google Text Ads from Your Catalog

Max out your feed management software capabilities with Dynamic Ad Control that easily and automatically creates Google text ads based on your product catalogs.

Gain more time to focus on your business and let our tool create Google text ads that will drive quality traffic and generate conversions!

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Other features of MerchantAdvantage Dynamic Ad Control:

  • Create unique text ads for every product in your catalog
  • Activate and pause ads based on product availability (as they come in and out of stock)
  • Alter numeric values (such as price and quantity) in ads without losing the Google History Metrics
  • Automatically create new ads when products are added to the catalog
  • Accurate and up to date product-specific ad copy
  • Ability to dynamically create long tail keywords (a very targeted search phrase that contains 3 or more words)
  • Automatically sync with your product catalog multiple times per day